Welcome to Tiny Paws

Welcome to Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue. Tiny Paws is a non-profit dog rescue located in Union Grove Wisconsin. Our mission is to help dogs that have been left homeless for whatever reason. We believe every dog deserves a chance to thrive in a loving home. If you would like to view dogs available for adoption please visit Our Dogs page and follow the links. If you are not looking to adopt a dog at this time but would like to help, you can donate from Our Dogs page as well. The Forms page contains links to all of the forms necessary to adopt or to foster. Our events page will list any upcoming events. Please use our Contact page if you would like to get in touch with us. UPDATE: We added a Captcha to the contact form in an effort to eliminate the spam email we have been receiving. Please make sure you check the Captcha box where it says, I am not a robot. If you do not check the box your message will NOT be sent. It may appear that your message was sent, but it will not be. We are working on an alert to let you know that the message was not sent. Click Here to report any errors you may encounter while you are here.